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Case study: The eternal Reduslim offer and $29k of profit

Today we are sharing a case of one of our partners who earned $29 000 on our exclusive offer, Reduslim, in Romania.

Case Data

  • Total leads: 3 861
  • Approved leads: 1 698 (43,98%)
  • Gross revenue: $ 63 881
  • Ad Spend: $ 35 000
  • Profit: ≈ $ 29 000
  • ROI: 82%
  • Affiliate Program: LuckyOnline
  • Offer: Reduslim EU
  • Period: February, 01, 2022 — March 22, 2022
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • GEO: Romania

Technical part

We used the medical approach on the pre-lander. We are working with Reduslim on different European geos, and following a recommendation of our manager have decided to try a new one, Romania.

The affiliate program provided translation of the pre-lander which performed best for other geos and we launched the campaign. It gave good results from the very first days, this is why it was used during the whole period.

As for ad creatives, we tested different approaches, including multiple auto-registered accounts for physicians, teaser-approach, and images of girls who lost weight. For those ad creatives that performed best we later used unlimited business managers with the budget of 250+ at the minimum rate. With a higher budget they tended to show better results. As for accounts, we used farms + auto-registered accounts to test ad creatives and farms + unlimited business managers.

We purchased farms from NZT, auto-registered accounts from RPT, and business managers from various shops where they were available.

Target:  male and female 35+

We used this target setting for tests and it performed well, so we decided not to make any changes.

Statistics and revenues

During the campaign (February, 1st — March, 22nd) we got a total of 3 861 leads, the gross revenue was $63 881, the ad spend — $35 000, and the profit — almost $29 000. The data from the affiliate program differ a little from the data provided by Keitaro because several ad campaigns have been eliminated from the latter.

Screenshot from LuckyOnline dashboard

Screenshot from Keitaro dashboard

Screenshots from Facebook dashboard

Facebook cost-per-lead is higher than the average on Keitaro. There are a few reasons for that, first, because these are not the best accounts, we have used our current ones just to give an example as we haven’t prepared for describing the case beforehand and haven’t made any screenshots then. Second, Facebook doesn’t provide all the leads recently, if we open the statistics for the same accounts in Keitaro, there will be more leads. But that wasn’t a critical issue, and we didn’t fix it then.

Today the situation on Facebook is different, the ROI has decreased and it has become harder to get high volumes with a high ROI, but still there are options. Higher cost per lead can be compensated with good rates and bundles. On that bundle we were limited by a cap, first it was of 50 daily, though it was later increased, it significantly affected our potential profits.

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