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Case Study: Eternal Reduslim and $25 083 of profit in Romania on Facebook traffic

Case Study of the timeless Reduslim EU offer with $25 000 of profit from one of LuckyOnline affiliate network webmasters and DLG Team owner, Nikolay Dolgopolov.

Case Data:

  • Offer: Reduslim EU
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • GEO: Romania
  • Period: January, 07, 2022 — February, 17, 2022
  • Total leads: 3 399
  • Approved leads: 1 340 (40,49%)
  • Gross revenue: $ 63 324
  • Ad Spend: $ 38 241
  • Profit: ≈ $ 25 083
  • ROI: ≈ 65%
  • Affiliate Program: LuckyOnline

Hey there! To provide a more exciting reading, please let me put you into the context and start with describing our previous experience. We used to work with LuckyOnline a while ago and were always happy with their good rates, but not always with the quality which made us quit. Then our manager Dima came to Krasnodar, we went out to a hookah lounge where Dima explained that everything had already been changed and improved. To be honest I was skeptical about his statements, but some time after decided to give it another try and made sure the situation has really improved, so we re-started our close cooperation with LuckyOnline.

To be honest now I can’t recall why we chose Romania, but we started with this GEO.

Ad creatives 

We searched for ad creatives on spy-services, there we saw an approach with jeans and made several own variations of the creative.

After a few tests we decided to add the before/after-approach in a slightly modified manner, the conversions have immediately increased.


Accounts with these ad creatives had a longer lifetime and performed way better, since the elements were unique. The major volumes came from these creatives.

Afterwards we used creatives with the following approaches, but the conversions were lower:

Well performing bundle

We split six basic landing pages from the offer card (but I won’t disclose which ones exactly).

Statistics and revenues

We never thought of describing our case, this is why we didn’t make any screenshots of our Facebook accounts, but below you can see several screenshots confirming our costs and revenues:

Screenshot from eCards

Screenshot from our LuckyOnline dashboard


It’s not always easy to work in traffic arbitration. One needs to understand that landing pages from the offer cards can be copied by other webmasters, this is why different approaches need to be tested, landing pages need to be split in order to find out what will perform best in a particular case. It’s also true for ad creatives.

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