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$17 220 in one month on Potencialex with FB traffic

Hey there! Today we’ll focus on Spain, one of the European most profitable and competitive GEOs. At that time we were working exclusively with Reduslim, but our manager suggested that we tested the old good Potencialex offer. So we decided to start with Spain as we had wide experience of working with Hispanic audiences (and we succeeded!).

Case Data

Traffic source: FB

Niche: Potency

Offer: Potencialex

Rate: while we were working on the offer our manager, Emil, told us that our traffic was highly estimated by the advertiser and our rate has been increased up to $7.

Affiliate Program: LuckyOnline

GEO: Spain

Ad Spend: $13 280

Gross revenue: $30 500

Profit: $17 220

ROI: 136%

Period: July, 01, 2022 — July 31, 2022

Technical part

Cloaking: we used a very standard approach with Keitaro filters by bots, GEO, and Web-proxy.

Domains: DigitalOcean, Freenom.

Proxy: well-known Ipv6/Ipv4 proxies. We tried to use proxies in accordance with GEOs in bank identification numbers (BIN) of the bank card.

Payment methods: AdeerPay/Brocards

Whitelists: were downloaded into the tracker locally; the topics were nature and dentistry. In most cases we used builders like webflow or mobirise.

Accounts: first we used only 50 accounts for a test, later, as soon as we found a well-performing bundle we started using it to set up a high-limit trend + FB ad accounts with removed restrictions.

We created numerous different pre-landers and tested an adult approach which didn’t perform well and had a low approval rate. Templates combining news & medicine performed the best, there we changed the header, personalities, then added live photos in comments, etc.

Ad creatives

CTR for those creatives was about 30% at the beginning and could decrease to 20% by the end of the campaign.

Ad creative examples:

The CTR of the first creative was 25%, and that of the second — 30%.

Before every launch of a campaign all the creatives were made unique using metadata removal software. We never launched exactly the same ad creatives, but rather added a different fragment, e.g. a small circle or a square. It had no impact on the final CTR/CR but could greatly affect the effectiveness of the campaign.

Our CPM rate was unstable. With a big ad spend it was about $7 on average, while on lower budgets decreased to $4-5. The ad placement was always Facebook feed with auto-bid targeting 40-65 y.o. males. At the beginning we set up a budget per campaign for 3 ad sets. By default the daily budget was about $100, after analyzing the results it could be increased by 25-30% before midnight. We never faced any issue related to the cost per lead, it tended to be the same. In some exceptional cases we could get expensive leads because of poor ad creatives. On low-budget tests with our standard 50-lim. accounts we could get leads even for $2. We made every launch right before midnight (local time), thus it was easier to get to the auction and achieve a good cost per lead.

Statistics and revenues

There were 2 buyers running the campaign. Unfortunately we haven’t kept any FB ad screenshots as it has been a while since the launch.

Screenshot from LuckyOnline dashboard


You should not consider how “fresh” the offer is. Even such an old one as Potencialex is still performing very well and it’ll keep bringing profits. Everything rather depends on your approach and your work on pre-landers and ad creatives. We wish the best of luck and great revenues to everyone

And we want to thank our manager, Emil, for his help, support, and great terms!


Instagram: @lead__hunters

Telegram: @lead_hunterss

You can find ready-made landing pages which they are eager to share with experienced webmasters for any GEOs and offers via their chat-bot.

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