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$32 617 in one month on Sirtfood Diet with FB traffic in France

Hey all! We are NUTRAKILL and today we’re sharing our case study on working with a weight loss offer in France. Our manager Dmitry suggested we tried the Sirtfood Diet which was performing well in the GEO.

So the Case study data was the following:

Offer: SirtFood Diet

Affiliate Program: LuckyOnline

Traffic source: Facebook

GEO: France

Period: June, 05, 2023 — July, 17, 2023

Total leads: 5392

Approved leads: 1323

Ad Spend: $18 523

Gross revenue: $32 617

Profit: $14 094

ROI: 76%

Technical part

Antidetect browser: Dolphin Anty (by the way, using the «LUCKY» promo code you can get a 20% discount on your first purchase)

Accounts: trusted accounts with high limits and agency accounts.

Proxy: IPv4

Cloaking: Keitaro

Cloaking method: local white

Whites: yoga, gyms, healthy food blogs

Domains: .com and .org

Landing page

Having analyzed spy-services’ data and the FB library as well as considering our experience of working with weight loss offers in Europe we decided to test this offer using the news approach.

We applied the colors of a well-known French news portal where a fictional character explains her life journey and her weight loss story with Sirtfood Diet.

As for the landing page itself, we picked up a before/after image from the Internet and created a fictional character. You can see the screenshots below:

Ad creatives

During the whole time we worked with the offer the average CTR maintained at about 8% which is a good result for a weight loss offer. According to our experience, the average CTR was about 5-6%.

We created a funnel. First, the screenshot with our character and then we used a neural network to animate her photo and got a video where she spoke about the product. Below you can see the best-performing ad creative with text.

Statistics and revenues

The average cost of lead was $3.40. During the first week it maintained below $2.

The screenshot from one of the FB accounts is provided below (its currency is COP). There were other campaigns with even lower indicators than those on the attached screenshot, but the access to them has been lost. I’m also sharing a screenshot from the affiliate program dashboard.

Screenshot from the FB ad account

Screenshot from the affiliate program dashboard


While working with the offer we used accounts with high daily limits (250-1000) as well as created FP with the offer’s name and the promoted product on the profile picture which should increase the CTR. In general, we noted its high competitiveness in France compared to other European GEOs, while the Sirtfood Diet offer and the LuckyOnline call-center helped us convert the audience and achieve a great ROI.

If you also want to test the European GEOs on FB or Google, then reach out to LuckyOnline for their ready-made bundles, they’ll share their tested landing pages and ad creative samples. Learn more about the bundles from LuckyOnline.

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