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Case Study: $14 660 profit on the most popular weight-loss offer, Reduslim

Hey! It’s Ads Instinct team here and we keep successfully absorbing new verticles in traffic arbitrage. Today we’re giving away some great tips on a well-known offer.

Case data

Total leads: 2 089
Confirmed leads: 791 (37,87%)
Gross revenue:  $34 160
Ad spend:  $19 500
Profit: $14 660
ROI: 75%
Affiliate program: LuckyOnline
Offer: Reduslim EU
Time period: 01.03.2022 — 11.04.2022
Traffic source: Facebook
Geo: Italy

Case details

In late February we were contacted by Dmitriy, a LuckyOnline manager, who suggested we drove Italian traffic to an old offer, Reduslim. Then we started monitoring spy-services and found some interesting materials which we combined in one pre-lander with a medical approach (we can’t share it here as we keep driving traffic to it), came up with ad creatives, and started testing. We’ve been using the same pre-lander for the whole period and the offer kept performing pretty well.

The mode of operation was very simple: during the entire month of March Facebook didn’t cause us any problems, we didn’t face any moderation or miscrospending issues either. So we just used lots of auto registrations to launch campaigns. Sometimes we combined farming and auto registrations. Working on farming ourselves and for our own team, we plan to add them to our store in the future though.

Campaign launch scheme was the following: 1-3-1 manual bidding, adset budget — $20. In most cases we put the limit of 50, sometimes we also opted for unlimited BMs, but the latter were in high demand and therefore often sold out, sometimes the limits were decreased.

We’d love to mention a few sellers who provided us with some materials:
— BMs and domains: peaky.pw
— Autoregistrations: kirastore.ru

Targeting: Facebook feed, women 35+

White pages: We used to copy them from an online generator of white pages per language and category. But errors occurred quite often while we tried to bypass security systems, then we had to give up the option and switch to downloading available white pages and preparing them ourselves in the right language, adapting them to the GEO and the concept of the offer.

Software we used: multilogin, keitaro (filter cloaking + redirecting to a local white page), adheart, dolphin.

Ad Creatives

We use both video and images, you can find some examples of our ad creatives below:

The CTR of some of the creatives wasn’t high — about 1,5%, but we still got good quality leads, the most important was to check that the creatives corresponded to the pre-lander and were relevant. 

Statistics and revenues

We didn’t think of providing a case study, this is why we don’t have many Facebook screenshots, but below you can still find a few of them from our Facebook ad accounts which are active at the moment:

Screenshots from Facebook Ad Accounts:

We try to maintain the CPL up to  $11, when this cost is exceeded we just pause the campaign and resume it after midnight. The adset budget is increased by 15-20% once in 24 hours not to affect the optimization. 

Screenshot from the affiliate program

During the described period: from March, the 1st to April, the 11th $34 160 were earned, $19 500 were spent, therefore Net profit was $14 660 and the ROI was 75%. These are really moderate figures as it is only the beginning!


What can be said about the traffic arbitrage landscape since the end of February? As Russia has been completely cut off from Facebook Ad Manager activities, Russian maps, proxy, and accounts became useless, the auction was emptied and Facebook was cleansed.

We don’t face any problems advertising on the social network besides common risks which we successfully cope with. So, guys, believe in yourselves and use it while we all can.

Telegram: @bzik000

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