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$14 439 in one month on Hondrolife with FB traffic

Hey-Hey! It’s Private Profit here and today we want to share our experience with the LuckyOnline affiliate network in France.

We would like to highlight that this GEO is not present in most affiliate programs and here it is available. We have been actively working with France for a while already. Its main advantage is its lower competition (because it is not present in most affiliate programs as we have just explained above).

Case Data

Offer: Hondrolife FR

Affiliate Program: LuckyOnline

Traffic source: FB

GEO: France

Period: May, 01, 2023 — May 31, 2023

Total leads: 2082

Approved leads: 468

Ad Spend: $8 300

Gross revenue: $14 439

Profit: $6 100

ROI: 73%

Technical part

Cloaking: Keitaro filters by bots, GEO, and Web-proxy, we didn’t use any whitepage.

Proxy: USA mobile

Payment methods: Karta IO

Accounts: we started with accounts with a $50 daily limit and later moved to a $250-daily-limit account and those not restricted from advertising

Fan Page: recently created, not warmed-up

Сhoosing an offer

As we explain above, the GEO is not highly competitive, this is why we avoid long and thorny search and just pick up all new offers for France which LuckyOnline provides. Here it is important just to take it and start working.

For every offer we take only one buyer, since when there are two or more of them, the approved leads are distributed unevenly. So, the more offers — the better.

Landing page

We have previously worked with offers from this category in France, so we just picked up a few of our existing landing pages and adapted them to Hondrolife FR to run split tests. We won’t share our top landings, since we keep working with the offer, but we’ll show those which also performed well.

On all of them we used the medical approach which contributes to high approvals.

The ad creatives are blurred to prevent the content from being shared publicly. If you want to see the originals, contact our manager Dmitry.

Ad creatives

Without being super original we believe that the traditional medicine and the doctor-related approaches worked, work, and will be work for a long time.

And here is why: people can be divided into two groups.

The first: «What do we need a doctor for when there are herbs which saved my grandma and will help me as well».

And the second: «Ooooh, I can see a doctor here, then it is effective/secure, I need to buy it».

Approaches appealing to pain are standard ones.

The ad creatives are blurred by the LuckyOnline team in order to prevent the content from being shared publicly. If you want to see the originals, please contact our manager Dmitry.

The average CTR on all ad creatives was about 3-5%. These creatives used to last long and had a low bounce rate.

Ad campaign settings

We started with auto-registered accounts and those with a $50 daily limit to discover which ad creatives and with which targets would convert. We tested the 35+ and the 45+ target audiences with auto placements and selected slots on either FB or FB+IG.

So, we worked with a $250-daily-limit account targeting a wide audience of 45+, without placements limitations, since Facebook was already good at finding the target audience and the impressions were coming from the right places.

In May an average cost of lead was about $4 which is not bad at all.

It could be lower but with a lot of bans, and we focus on long-term work, so we opt for approaches which last longer and at a price which we find reasonable.

Our method was 1-2-1 on $50-daily-limit accounts and 1-3-1 on the $250 account. We started the campaigns early in the morning to come on time for the morning auction, and by the time users woke up the campaigns were already live.

The budgets on ad sets varied depending on FB’s behavior. We could lower it to $70 or raise up to $250.

Statistics and revenues

Screenshot from the affiliate program dashboard


Doctors, traditional medicine, and highlighting pain areas on ad creatives worked earlier, work now, and will work in the future.
Stop chasing ROI 200% on your offer. Keep calm and work to get a good profit given the fact that you use high-quality tools and ad creatives. Several accounts like this reach the capping limit, meanwhile you can test other offers.

And the main conclusion is: if you want to work in France, reach out to LuckyOnline. This is one of a few affiliate networks which offers this GEO. We also want to thank the team for their 24/7 support and expert managers.

Our contacts: privateprofit.taplink.ws

You can find ready-made landing pages which they are eager to share with experienced webmasters for any GEOs and offers via their chat-bot.

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