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Reduslim — a means for weight loss

We recommend using this information in your advertisements and prelanding pages for REDUSLIM offer to increase the App% indicator. These are unique materials. They have been drawn up according to the offer concept, translations made by native speakers from our call center, information about the population of Spain, offer analysis, and scripts of the call center

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REDUSLIM: offer concept

Audience of the Reduslim offer

Why to purchase REDUSLIM?
*This analysis is based on 100 phone call recordings in Spain

Primary customer pain point

Secondary customer pain point

Most people face the weight gain problem due to a slow metabolism, it affects fat splitting which leads to the excessive accumulation of fats in the body.
Many weight-loss drugs are of low quality, some of them are useless, and the others lose their therapeutic properties as soon as they get into the acidic environment of the body. While the components of REDUSLIM are resistant to the acidic environment and act gradually, enabling continuous fat splitting and rapid loss of extra weight, which will not be gained back.

REDUSLIM reduces appetite and fights sugar cravings, thus it allows patients to lose 15-20 kg in a month without much effort. REDUSLIM proves such a high efficiency due to its natural composition.

The concentration of active substances is calculated precisely to provide a 24h-lasting effect. To avoid overdose, it is crucial to follow the dosage regimen and its regular supplementation.

Benefits of the components

The Spanish appreciate natural components in the composition. We recommend you use the information below when you target the Spanish audience.

  • Yerba mate leaf extract and bitter orange fruit extract
    Reduces appetite, Stimulates the process of burning fat, helps to lose weight
  • Glucomannan Konjac Bulb Powder
    Improves the functions of the heart, normalizes metabolic processes, has positive effect on your body
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
    removes fluid from the body, cleanses and normalizes the digestive system,
improving its functioning
  • Gymnema stem and leaf extract
    Increases endorphin levels, gives the burst of energy, fights sugar cravings.

Benefits of the components in Spanish

  • Extracto de hojas secas de Mate, Extracto de naranja amarga biche
    Reduce el apetito. Aumenta la degradación de grasas. Ayuda a perder peso
  • Raiz de Glucomanano Konjac en polvo
    Mejora el funcionamiento cardiaco. Normaliza el metabolismo. Influye positivamente sobre el cuerpo
  • Acetil-L-Carnitina
    Elimina los líquidos del cuerpo. Limpia y fortalece el sistema digestivo, mejorando su funcionamiento
  • Extracto de tallos y hojas de Gymnema
    Aumenta la cantidad de endorfinas y proporciona recarga de energía,
reduce la dependencia de los dulces

Medication guide which is used in call-center scripts

Dosage form: 700mg, 10 capsules
Dosage form in ES: 10 cápsulas de 0.700 gramos

Instructions for use: Adults should take 1 capsule twice a day, during meals or 30 minutes before them. The course of medication lasts for 3 months and can be repeated after a 1-month period if needed.
Instructions for use in ES: Adultos tomar 1 cásula 2 veces al día:
Para adultos 1 cápsula 2 veces al día 30 minutos antes de comer o durante. Duración — 3 meses, si se requiere el tratamiento se puede repetir con intervalo de 1 mes

Principles of action: Increases metabolism, reduces appetite thus accelerating fat burning.
Principles of action in ES: Acelera el metabolismo, disminuye la ansiedad, estimula la quema de grasa de las zonas de deposito


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Promotional materials (live photos, 3D thumbnails, certificates) available at: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/AK62-TIZJ-ougA/Reduslim%20EU?w=1

Restricted regions (where we are unable to deliver the product. We suggest you exclude them in targeting settings): Ceuta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Melilla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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