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Case Study: How to earn $105 676 in 1,5 months on Facebook traffic

Evil Team is happy to share one of their successful cases of working with our Reduslim offer in fall 2021. They decided to test a new GEO and chose Spain following the recommendations of the manager. So they saw good profits from the very first days!

Case Data

  • Total leads: 11 409
  • Approved leads: 3 593 (31,5%)
  • Ad Spend: $ 61 127
  • Gross revenue: $ 166 803
  • Profit: $ 105 676
  • ROI: 172%
  • Offer: Reduslim
  • Affiliate Program: LuckyOnline
  • Period: September, 07, 2021 — October, 29, 2021
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • GEO: Spain

Technical part

In technical terms the following tools have been used:

  • Cloaking
    A standard Keitaro tracker was used with its standard filters (ipv6, bot, proxy, geo).
  • Domains
    Domains were purchased either from NameCheap or from sellers for DigitalOcean (including newly registered ones).
  • White page. The team worked with 2 types of white pages: pl.ad-red.ru, a bit later they also tested copying of real websites (xdan.ru).

There was not any big difference, but in the second case it wasn’t needed to multiply items in the tracker and it was cheaper. However the team often faced issues dealing with the copies which required time to be fixed (the layout was affected). You may try to find different services, maybe they have found a solution for that.

  • Black page
    Several web page versions were chosen for a test containing a landing page with an order form, split-test was carried out through the tracker.
  • Traffic to the link
    Before publishing the link a Telegram bot was used to drive traffic to it. The domain in the following format: https://example.com/» \t «_top://example.com was mentioned within posts and some volumes of traffic were driven to the posts to generate likes and comments. The results could be tracked via Facebook repost software.

Case details 

The team used the following tools:

  • Antidetect browser — Octo browser
  • Rental accounts (UKR)
  • Mobile proxy (UKR)
  • Fan pages with trackings
  • Ad creatives

The main accounts were rental, they were used for cheap auto-registrations. In order to automate the workflow, accounts with EAAB token were needed, the average price for 1 auto-registration was $0,5.

The campaigns were launched either manually or via FTBTOOL.PRO. When launching a campaign manually, the team created an account in Octo Browser and put mobile proxy (UKR), in the other case proxy IPV4 (UKR) was used.

Several fan pages were needed with different trackings and farms. On high volumes it’s important to control the limits of announcements (max 250 announcements per 1 fan page).

All the ad creatives were made unique, the team created big packs of them. They were constantly changing the background, people (e.g., it could be a physician, a mother with her kid, or a family), margins, texts, and fonts. It is preferred to use creatives related to the landing page. Spy-service ADheart.ru and Facebook ad library were constantly monitored in order to find new ideas for ad creatives.

Below you can see ad creatives whose CPC was around $0.19-0.25.

Ad campaign settings

  • GEO: Spain
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Gender: female
  • Age: 24-64 y.o.
    Ad campaign settings: 1 campaign — 3 ad sets — 3 ad creatives
    All the ad placements were within Facebook feed, except for a few ones (see the screenshot from FBTOOL.PRO).

Statistics and revenues

From September, 7th to October, 29th the total of 11 409 leads were received, with the gross revenue of $166 803, ad spend of $61 127, and profit of $105 676.

Screenshot from Facebook dashboard

Screenshot from LuckyOnline dashboard


Evil Team noted a systematic approach:

  • High performance on the offer and GEO during the whole period;
  • Correct technical part;
  • Constant interaction of buyers with both the creative department and the programmers;
  • Prompt feedback from all the team members;
  • Fast processing of leads by the call center;
  • High conversions and permanent audience activity on both business days and weekends.

All these led to high profits.

Evil Team is rapidly growing, if you want to join a professional team and to earn together with them, drop a message to @pogorody_bokom via Telegram.

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