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Tips on working with Nutra offers in 2023

New niches come and go while nutra offers are always relevant despite all the changes in the CPA market 💚

Below you’ll find some beneficial tips on working with nutra offers in 2023 provided by the LuckyOnline team👇

#1 Approaches

When using the celeb-approach, avoid violating the rules of the affiliate program, we’ve come up with guidelines for our partners (and we’ll be happy to share them with you). They’ll significantly reduce the risks which can potentially make the advertiser reject traffic, these risks will be completely eliminated soon. Together with our buying team we’ll keep modernizing the celeb-approach, running tests on native traffic, and share ready-to-use bundles with our key partners who are now using other sources.

#2 Sources

In 2023 and upcoming years Facebook, Google, native ads, and SEO will remain the main traffic sources for nutra offers. The only change we’d like to highlight is the fact that large teams now tend to use a second source. For instance, Facebook & native ads or Facebook & Google.

#3 Moderation

It won’t get any easier which is not surprising. This is why one needs a reliable affiliate program able to provide bundles which have already been moderated in other sources. For those who have enough resources it is highly recommended to form another team for the second source in order to diversify risks.

#4 Ad creatives

We recommend you focus on making your ad creatives native and trustworthy as well as avoid misleading creatives which do not correspond to the pre-lander, otherwise it would make you lose customers’ trust and as a result get underperforming traffic.

For our part, we keep optimizing the “ad creative — pre-lander — call center” bundle in order to achieve a higher and more stable approval rate. Our team keeps working on increasing the transparency and speed of information exchange between our call center analysts and webmasters; providing detailed analysis of the target audience, of objections and discrepancies between scripts, pre-landers, and ad creatives.

Thanks to our close and trusting collaboration with partners we’ve managed to reduce cases when, for instance, the ad creative says that one pack helps lose 50 kg while the pre-lander says that it helps lose 30 kg. Such discrepancies should be avoided.

#5 GEO

Europe still appears to be the most stable destination, this is why we’ll keep pushing the region (both for Tier-1 and Tier-2). Other GEOs such as Africa, Asia, and LatAm are also available for our key partners and we’ll keep boosting our operational efficiency there.

#6 Recommendations for those who are about to start working with nutra offers 

If you already have experience with other verticals and have decided to try nutra offers, then our managers will help you get started. Together with our media buying team we run a lot of tests on native traffic and share the best performing bundles with our loyal partners.

We recommend the newbies subscribe to the channel of our learning platform,
LuckyCenter, where courses on working with current traffic sources are often provided for free. After completing a course one can join one of LuckyCenter partners’ teams.

Follow our tips and recommendations to get the most out of nutra offers in 2023 ✨

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