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How to increase the %App indicator by adapting your pre-lander?

Marfa Chernova, Head of BDM at LuckyOnline, explained how one can increase the number of leads and the approval rate by adapting the pre-landers.

First of all, the approval rate depends on the call-centers (CC). LuckyOnline has its own round-the-clock CCs with native speakers for all geos, we track the operator’s performance with unique scripts, and boast our own sales academy where our operators constantly train and improve their skills. 

Let me give you an example of how a CC-Manager-Webmaster combination works in LuckyOnline and how it increases the approval rate:

A webmaster used a pre-lander for the Spanish GEO. Our CC noticed that the webmaster got a lot of rejections so it immediately started to investigate the reasons for the problem and found out that there was a mistake on the pre-lander: it promoted a different form factor (drops instead of capsules), besides numerous lexical and grammatical errors in the text damaged users’ trust. In a short time our native speakers localized the pre-lander.

It improved the performance straight away: the number of leads increased from 171 to 240 and the approval rate — from 27% to 31%.

This is why in order to increase the %Аpp indicator we recommend all our partners send their final pre-landers and ad creatives to our CC native speakers for revision as well as carefully read the reviews on the GEO and analytical reports on the offer based on our call listenings.

Please reach out to our manager for your pre-lander and promo materials’ localization.

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