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How to run Nutra offers

«Which vertical to choose?» is the most common question for newbies in affiliate marketing. Clearly, they try to concentrate on profit certain niche may give them. That’s why today we’ll focus on a well-known industry, which made rich lots of webmasters. You can join their group of successful moneymakers too!

Have you heard of Nutra and why it’s adored by thousands of affiliates? If not, don’t waste your time and make yourself familiar with one of the most profitable industries in affiliate marketing.

What’s Nutra?


Nutraceuticals industry, also shortened as Nutra, includes products made from food sources, which are usually used for improving health and gaining beauty in all terms.
This vertical mainly focuses on the following products:

• Vitamins and antioxidants;
• Weight loss pills or liquids;
• Male and adult enhancement;
• Athletic performance supplements;
• Brain and memory support;
• Skincare;
• Hair beauty;
• Hormones;
• and others.

Why Nutra?


Nutra is very popular among affiliates and the reason is quite an attractive picture of advantages of this niche. Just take a look:

If you just get started in affiliate marketing, Nutra is so suitable for newbies, because it offers tons of opportunities with relatively fair cost and a pleasant return.

Almost all countries are in need of Nutra products, so you may choose any of the tiers according to your preferences and abilities in terms of budget (However, experienced affiliates advise to invest in Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries as a first step).

Since there is a constant demand for Nutra products, you can make a lot of money with a high probability.

Nonetheless, you should be careful, because the competition is high enough too. To overcome this issue you have to stand out from the crowd of identical ads. Unique creatives will help you in this case:)

The right GEO for Nutra


Which geo you’d better start with? Obviously, but your homeland is the best choice at the beginning of your career. First, you know the language, second, you’re familiar with the culture, preferences, and probable pains of the target audience.

When you become experienced enough to consider other markets, analyze which Nutra products are desired by different countries.
For example, citizens of developed western countries (USA, Canada, UK, France and so on) are more obsessed with their appearance, so they’re definitely interested in diet supplements, cosmetics, teeth whitening products, athletic supplements, and male enhancements, whereas countries with a tremendous number of insects (like India, Philippines, Thailand) are seeking for parasite treatments. Nevertheless, these countries are interested in the beauty industry as well with more preference in herbal and natural products.

To enter different markets you’ll have to thoroughly analyze your target audience.

Traffic sources for Nutra


Which traffic source is the most profitable for Nutra ad campaigns? Let’s discuss the options:


Great platform for promoting Nutra with several opportunities for advertisement. It’s one of the major traffic sources and especially useful for Nutra as there are many people interested in healthcare.

You can use your own page or group on Facebook with organic subscribers to advertise health & beauty products. You may also find groups and communities on Facebook with related discussions and promote Nutra there. Another way to promote your products is to use Facebook ads. It’s a helpful tool with strict regulations and a high chance to be banned though. So, to exploit Facebook ads you have to be well prepared and aware of all pitfalls.


Beauty and health products are very well promoted using visuals, so Instagram is the relevant traffic source for Nutra ads.

The options are:
• Develop your account and sell products through posts or stories.
• Find influencers with a large number of the related target audience and promote Nutra with their help.
• Buy an official targeted Instagram ads.

Native ads

Native ads sell very well because the audience doesn’t feel any negative emotions. So if you use native ads, remember to stay in the context, don’t sell aggressively, instead softly guide your followers to click on the link. Create pre-landers, so that the customers won’t get straight to the sales page and become acquainted with the product better by characteristics of the products, FAQ section, and etc.

Search ads

Another highly beneficial source is to advertise through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others depending on geo. Even though Google is the most popular search engine, others are less competitive, so consider them too.
Make sure your ads won’t be banned by following the rules of these search engines.

Together with the mentioned above traffic sources, examine other appropriate once for Nutra such as Push ads, SEO and Popunders as well.

The best Nutra offer for you


It’s time to choose the right offer. Let’s start!

• First and foremost you’ll have to analyze whether the preferred product is popular and how many times it’s bought. It’s important to know because it defines your profit! Ask your manager about the product, possible difficulties, and how it’s run. Use Google trends to check how much this product is in demand and analyze the graph. The graph has to show that people were searching for this product many times. Additionally, inspect the seasonality to make sure you advertise at the right time.

Test what you want to advertise. The most efficient way to prepare an extraordinary campaign and creatives is to become a customer of the product you’re going to promote. So pass all the steps necessary to buy a product. How do you feel about it? Would you buy it? How is the system working?
When you’re inside, you can easier get the main pains of customers and it’ll play a huge role in making an appropriate creative.

Make sure pricing is relevant. For cheaper offers, you may attract a larger number of customers, but not enough sales volume. Besides, there’s a sad rule which says that very often cheap price attracts an involved audience.

Is your offer unique? You probably know there are thousands of copy-and-paste ads, which absolutely unsatisfied and annoying. But you want to win! Therefore try to exploit your creativity at its best and think of a unique selling point (USP) for eliminating the customers’ pains. Use the power of words and pictures to be outstanding.

• What about pre-landing? Pre-landing defines more than 50% of campaign success, so put your energy on learning best practices for creating a high-quality pre-landing page.

• Check the quality of landing and pre-landing pages. Verify that all the processes go smoothly with no errors and unexpected issues.

How customers are supposed to pay? Find out the customer payment method. Usually, there are 3 types, which are direct sales, trial offers, and cash on delivery.

Direct sales refer to the traditional way of buying a product — customers pay full price online after ordering.
Trial offers give a chance to get free samples after a customer fills in the information about his credit card. After several weeks he’ll get a product again and pay a full price if he didn’t cancel the order.
Cash on delivery. Customers leave their contact and then get contacted to register orders. The customer pays when he gets a product.

The payment method will define your profit too, so think of the right model for you.



• Nutra industry is good for getting started. The target audience for Nutra is easy to analyze as it solves understandable pains.
• Geo is wide-ranging because most people in the world care about their appearance and health.
• There’re many traffic sources options for Nutra.

Quality creative defines your profit!

Stay tuned for more useful articles and tips.

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