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Your checklist for nutra ad creatives 2022

What is the main advantage of nutra offers?

They solve the most topical problems such as losing weight, improving one’s health and sexual life, maintaining youth. This vertical appeals to a lot of webmasters but not all of them manage to get profits here. Sometimes poor performance deals with ineffective ad creatives. In this article we’ll explain what should be considered in order to increase conversions.

Static or video creatives?

There is no single answer, since each GEO should be approached in a different way. Many webmasters use both video creatives and static banners. The structure of the ad creative is the most important thing, also make sure it is relevant to the pre-lander.

Product goes first

Start with showing your product, bring it to the foreground of your ad creative. Thus your potential customers will better see it and realize what exactly they are purchasing.

Have a look at ad creatives from Ads Instinct team for one of their success cases.

Creatives can be enhanced by applying more options belonging to this approach:

  • The product is placed in the foreground and accompanied by a demonstration of the results it provides.
  • The timeless approach is the “before / after” format, which performs great in different combinations.
  • In some countries bonuses and special offers perform amazing!
  • You can combine all the tips mentioned above to get higher conversions.

When you target an older audience, focus on the text, promise a quick and long-lasting effect, inspire trust with recommendations from experts and celebrities who are already using the product.

Creatives can perform well for a similar offer.

Yes, it is a common thing for nutra offers. For instance, an ad creative for increasing potency can be also used for a prostatitis offer. The ad creative structure is what really matters here, if it performs well for a potency-related offer, then it is likely to bring great results for a similar one in a related topic.

Copy your competitor’s or create your own?

We encourage you to create your own ad creatives, they tend to have a better CTR as they’ll be unique and provoke more clicks, thus the CPC will be lower.
It is highly improbable to make profits on competitor’s ad creatives, they are unlikely to perform well in your bundle. But you can still have a look at them for ideas and inspiration. Analyze your competitor’s banners to refresh / add your own features while working on your own creatives.

Localize and adapt creatives for each GEO

Expert localization is a great contribution to your success. Poor adaptation of the materials can put off your potential buyers, cause distrust, and decrease the approval rate.

If you are not sure about the text quality, we recommend you ask a native speaker from the relevant GEO to revise it. You can find them through a translation agency or an affiliate program that has call-centers with native speakers in each GEO where they operate.

You can also reach out to our manager to order a localization and adaptation of your ad creatives and/or other promo material.

How to increase the performance of your ad creative?

The most important thing is to study the needs, desires, and pain points of your target audience and to bring some creativity. The right approach will enable you to create a unique creative thus increasing the efficiency of your ad campaign and getting the well-deserved profits.

Read our guidelines on offers to learn more about effective approaches and pain points of target audiences.


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