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You’ve already started searching for popular and beneficial Affiliate Networks and probably applied for some of them. But there’s no answer except discouraging silence…

Or even worse — these networks don’t want to accept you and don’t explain why.

You’re disappointed and resentful. “Why does it happen? I want to help them make money. What’s wrong with me?”

These typical issues make every newbie demotivated and frustrated at the beginning of their Affiliate career, but don’t give up and don’t panic. Everyone was a newbie once and we understand why you’re upset.

First of all, don’t take it personal and look behind the rejection.

Why Affiliate Managers don’t want to accept newbies to their Network?


Yes, if they accept you, they take risks. What kind of risk?

They don’t know you and can’t trust you. There’re thousands of Affiliate fraudsters, who send fraud traffic = fake leads, make money, damage brands’ reputation and disappear from the Network. (And then target fresh victims)


If your participation is approved in the given network, affiliate managers have to allocate a manager to you. He has to help you get started, answer your questions and there’s no guarantee that you’ll continue working with them. But the time he spends on a newbie could be allocated to the experienced Affiliate, who’s already making huge money! This means that he’s losing not only his time, but the opportunity to earn lots of money too.

So the question is how to break the cycle “No approval without experience — no experience without getting accepted?” You’ve already faced this problem when applying for your first job.

Even though we can’t stop the tendency of Affiliate Networks to reject freshmen, we know

How to increase the chance to be accepted

The most practical advice is don’t apply immediately! You have to plan in advance what you’re going to do when working in a particular Affiliate Network.

So make research, define verticals you’d like to promote and find specified Affiliate Networks.

Make a business plan on how you see your future in Affiliate Marketing and set goals. You’ll need this when it’s time to convince managers of the network, that they should choose you, not the other 100 candidates.

You’d better be aware of trends and news about Affiliate Marketing, so stay informed and read related blogs and articles.

Think of your application. Maybe last time you didn’t take it seriously and affiliate managers decided you’re a fraudster.

Let’s consider your application in more details.

• Fill out the application thoroughly. Don’t miss any columns where you have to write your answers.

• Try to provide as much information as you can, including your business plan, so the managers of the network can notice your motivation and understanding of Affiliate Marketing.

• Send all requested identification documents in a full and correct form.

• Answer all questions showing your expertise. Show that you know what you’re talking about.

• Even if you don’t have experience in Affiliate Marketing, maybe some relevant skills of yours can be applicable for a publisher. Think of how you can present and sell yourself considering your experience and knowledge.

• But still, be honest, don’t try to pretend that you’re an experienced publisher with fake results.

It’s time to discuss what you definitely shouldn’t do:

• Don’t apply for more than two Affiliate Networks, you simply don’t have so much traffic.

• Don’t talk with managers like with your friends. Use formal business communication and prove you worth to be a part of their network.

• If you have questions, don’t be silent, ask to clarify. But make sure you Google it first. Remember, they spend their valuable time on you instead of seasoned Affiliates.

• However, don’t be too intrusive. If a manager is silent for a couple of hours, there’s no need for panic. Instead, if you bother him all day sending tons of messages, you have a greater chance to not to be approved.


So now you have a detailed plan on how to join Affiliate Network you like. Work smarter and try harder! Hopefully, you’ll make lots of money with the help of Affiliate Marketing.

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