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Guide: Potencialex — capsules to increase potency

We recommend using this information in your advertisements and prelanding pages for Potencialex
offer to increase the App% indicator. These are unique materials. They have been drawn up according to the offer concept, translations made by native speakers from our call center, information about the population of Spain, offer analysis, and scripts of the call center.

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POTENCIALEX: offer concept

Why do people buy Potencialex. This analysis is based on 300 phone scripts in Spain.

Primary motivation

Secondary motivation

Seventy-three percent of men aged 35-68 years can face erectile weakness, erectile
dysfunction, or other problems during sexual intercourse.

The most common reasons are stress, poor environment, smoking, drinking of alcohol,
and such chronic disease as diabetes or hormonal disorder. These problems can lead to
poor blood circulation in genital organs.

Physicians know about it and meanwhile, they are not going to offer a real solution to
this problem. Therefore, each doctor’s visit makes the situation even worse and the
symptoms quickly develop into a real disease. A body stops producing the hormone
testosterone as needed. As a result, not only the quality of sex suffers but also a man’s
health in general.


The Spanish audience appreciates natural ingredients in the products they buy. We recommend using the information below for the Spanish audience.

  • TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS. Provides instant blood flow to a penis, guaranteeing a strong erection for several hours
  • PERUVIAN GINSENG EXTRACT. The most powerful natural aphrodisiac, capable of turning even the most ordinary lover into a hot macho man
  • L ARGININE. The natural analogue of Viagra. It increases sexual desire and stamina and gives an unforgettable experience during orgasm
  • L CITRULLINE. Prevents congestion in the pelvic organs and the development of prostatitis, improves the quality and quantity of sperm


  • TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS. Proporciona un flujo instantáneo de sangre al pene, lo que garantiza una erección prolongada durante varias horas.
  • EXTRACTO de AMAPOLA PERUANA. El afrodisíaco natural más poderoso, capaz incluso de convertir al amante más ordinario en un semental caliente.
  • L ARGININA. Es un análogo natural del viagra- aumenta varias veces el deseo sexual,
    la resistencia y da sensaciones inolvidables durante el orgasmo.
  • L CITRULINA. Previene la congestión en los órganos pélvicos y la aparición de prostatitis,
    mejora la calidad y la cantidad de esperma.


*Increase the trust rate to the offer

Drug form: 10 capsules (500 mg)

Drug form ES: 10 cápsulas de 500 mg

How to take: take one capsule a day with 100 ml of water

How to take ES: Tomar 1 cápsula por día con 100 ml de agua

How it works: Highly effective multi-complex based on natural ingredients. Potencialex
enhances blood circulation and guarantees an erection. L-ARGININE and L-CITRULLINE,
which are part of the product, fix the result for a long time. In addition, Potencialex tones and
strengthens the body, which is necessary for prolonged sexual intercourse.

How it works ES: Multi-complejo altamente eficiente basado en componentes naturales. Potencialex aumenta la circulación sanguínea y garantiza una erección. La l-ARGININA y La l-CITRULINA, incluidas en la composición, fijan permanentemente el resultado obtenido. Además, Potencialex tonifica y fortalece el cuerpo, lo cual es necesario para relaciones sexuales prolongadas.


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Canaria, Melilla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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