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LuckyOnline: affiliate network review

Hello, guys! We welcome you on the official LuckyOnline blog. Our main goal is to help anyone willing to learn how to monetize their traffic. We will share experiences that we have gained for 4 years in CPA-marketing and teach you the basics of affiliate business.

Who are we and what do we offer?


LuckyOnline is an international affiliate CPA network with our unique offers, 24/7 call-centers and high approval rate


We offer you more than 120 offers in such verticals as: health, beauty, weight loss, adult, home&gardening, etc.  Our GEO is represented by the CIS and Europe countries. All of our offers are unique and made by us, they are produced in factories and have all the quality certificates. Also, the offer line is updated every week and it opens up new income opportunities for our affiliates 😉

Today we are going to tell you about our affiliate program, Lucky team, available offers, payouts and interface of LuckyOnline. Let’s go 🙂

How to work in the interface?

LuckyOnline interface has other useful functions: statistics, showcase, tools, help, news and contacts. But let’s get first things first and start from the beginning.

If you go to the «Statistics» tab, here you can find all the analytics you need, as well as traffic detail with wide range of functions: reports on landers, prelanders, countries and traffic sources.

LuckyOnline interface provides comprehensive information on every offer. If you go to the «Offers» tab, you will see a search system where you can sort offers by category, traffic sources, tags, GEOs and payouts.

If you try to search a specific product, you will get a choice of different GEOs for it.

Offer’s page contains full product description, available landers and prelanders that are adapted for different GEOs and languages and promo materials for offer advertising. By the way, they are available for download. Pay your attention to TOP traffic sources — it helps make a profit 🙂

Also, you can find all the updated promo materials (new landers and prelanders) in the «Offer News» area.

The «Rates» area contains information about payouts for every GEO and price of a product.

LuckyOnline interface has other useful functions: statistics, showcase, tools, help, news and contacts.

«Finance», «Streams» and «Showcase» tabs provides information on the offers you promote. Here you can check your income, request payout in any currency and analyze your traffic.

If you go to the «Help» tab, you will find answers on most of the commonly asked questions about interface, offers and setting up an additional service. This tab provides video-instructions on launching your own site from scratch, connecting prelanders with LuckyOnline offers as an example and setting up a postback. Also, you can ask your question in the «Tickets» tab and get a quick answer from a manager 🙂

More functions and features of the LuckyOnline interface you will find in our FAQ 😉

Our team

LuckyOnline employs more than 1000 people among which experienced affiliate managers, operators of the international call-centers, product managers and other specialists which help you to get higher conversion rates 😉

Lucky team liaises with our webmasters 24/7. You can contact you manager at all times of day and night and get full information on your offer, interface options, best traffic sources and converting combos. Our managers will contact us right after registration or you can find other ways to contact in the «Contact» tab.

Call centers provides fast calls to customers. LuckyOnline has it own international call centers, working 24/7 without holidays and weekends. The time to reach a client ranges from 2 seconds to 5 minutes from the time the order was made.

Product managers are developing new author offers and promo materials for ad campaigns. This ensures low competition on the market and, as a result, better profit for an affiliate.


We make payments in rubles and dollars. Payments are made on Tuesdays, during the day. The following e-wallets are available for withdrawal payments:

• WMZ and WMR wallets;

• Oblivki.biz;

• Yandex.Money ;

• Bank cards;

• Qiwi;

• MyTarget ;

• Zaleykesh (with a bonus of 5%);

• Epayments;

• Entryprofit;

• GetUniq.

Also, our affiliate managers will help you order a payment, if you need it urgently 😉 Usually payments are made once a week — on Tuesdays, but if there is an urgent need to order a payment, you can do it by writing to your manager.

What’s the verdict?

If you ran over the headlines and just skimmed the article to the end (and we know that everyone loves to do this), here is a brief conclusion:

• LuckyOnline is an international CPA network with original products. We offer more than 120 exclusive products with a wide GEO;

• We have our own call centers operating 24/7 in all languages ​​of supported countries;

• You can always contact the manager for information on the choice of the offer, geo, best traffic sources and profitable combos;

• Payments are made every Tuesday, if it’s urgent, your manager will help you to withdraw funds on the day the application is submitted;

• Payments are made from $1, available in both rubles and US dollars for withdrawal to more than 10 e-wallets.

Hope we didn’t miss anything;)


Read us and stay tuned! You will find more and more articles and guides on the basics of affiliate marketing in the nearest future.


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